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My name is Purlemba Pongen, but I go by "Pur"

I am a  
Technology Consultant. Full Stack Developer. Freelancer. Innovator. Problem Solver.

Although I did manage to graduate as an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, my love and passion for technology dictated my career choice and so I chose technology over electricity. It was not long before I began to realize the hard reality that I can't do technology without electricity, so to compensate for my engineering degree I became a part-time electrician for my wife and kids!
Anyway keeping aside my personal life, if you are wondering what I can do for you then do check out the SERVICES that I offer and if you think I am worth your time and money then do feel free to CONTACT me.

Brands I have worked with....

Domains I have worked in  
Investment Banking. Telecom. Reinsurance. eGovernance. Healthcare. Education.

Work Experience


Software Development

We do still continue to develop websites, mobile apps & custom softwares for your requirement to keep ourselves up to date with technology and not necessarily mint money from you!

Vendor Evaluation

If you are confused whether or not to rely on the proposal submitted by the vendor for your next IT project, we can help you with the evaluation of the third party software or supply of hardware in terms of cost effectiveness, feature evaluation, implementation challenges, feasibilty study and selection criteria

Digital Transformation

Whether you are considering to build your new website or planning to adopt open source technology or build a new software in house or outsource your technology requirements, we can collaborate together in your digital transformation journey and it will definitely not cost you a fortune to work with us.

Migration to Open Source Technology or Cloud

Is your current software or infrastructure costing you a fortune to maintain? We can definitely help you out if you want to move out of the proprietary software or if you are considering moving to a more cost effective cloud platform.

Cyber Security Advisory

Is your website down due to another DDOS attack? Are you worried whether or not your website or software is up to date in terms of cyber security? Is it costing you a fortune for your security softwares? If you are stuck in any cyber security problem, we are here to help!

Project Proposals

Ideas ready, high level strategy ready but stuck with the technical details while preparing your project proposal. We guarantee to fill up your proposals with all the necessary technical details starting from the flowcharts to the block diagram to the overall technical architecture of the project along with the cost estimation of the project so that you don't need to go through the multiple cycle of Submit-Review-Revise

Get In Touch

Please feel free to get in touch with me by dropping a mail to hello@thenagageek.com or connect with me over Linkedin or schedule a call from below calendar!

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